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Soap Bar - Ginger & Spice Solid Exfoliating Bar Soaps


Vegan body soap bars by Jungle Culture are all certified micro plastic-free & contain no palm oil or animal products. Our natural body soaps are completely organic with the exception of sodium hydroxide and have a low water content making them very long-lasting and perfect for sensitive skin! Ginger & Spice Exfoliating Bar Treat your skin with one of our uplifting ginger and spice body bars! Ginger has long been used in traditional medicine to treat aches and pains, improve circulation and relax tense muscles, whilst it’s high antioxidant levels help to improve skin health and reduce wrinkles and hypo-pigmented scars. This warming and relaxing body bar has an underlying sweetness that stimulates the senses and leaves you feeling calm and at peace. Perfect for: Aches and pains, improving blood flow, alleviating the symptoms of cold and flu, hypo-pigmented scar reduction.
Made in Vietnam